Up and running. Sort of.

I’ve been a bit reluctant to start a blog, being neither writer nor photographer, but a few of you have convinced me with your professed dedication to reading one, so here goes …

Visualising what this blog may look like is a little difficult at the moment, much like my immediate (or distant, for that matter) future, but my vague intentions are to publish interesting observations I make of life in Myanmar, and to detail some of my own experiences while living there for six months as an (under-trained) English teacher.

Current knowledge of what the six months beginning sometime around the end of March will bring includes: living in Pantanaw, being the only foreigner in Pantanaw, teaching at least twenty ~20yr old students, giving these lessons in a room at the monastery, having five laptops at my disposal, having a possibility of wireless internet, being fed daily by students on a rostered basis, living with a 30yr old Burmese widow and English teacher for 0 or 1 or 6 months (?).

Current knowledge of Pantanaw includes: it’s a medium sized town, it lies on the banks of the Ayeyarwady river, a lot of rice grows there, it has seen some friction between Buddhists and Muslims in the past.

Hopefully I will be able to offer more detail in the near future …

Prior to relocating to Myanmar I’m indulging in some aimless wandering around Northern Thailand and Laos. I may have a few rambljngs for the blog from these experiences to kick things off.

Please keep in touch. As us teachers all know, feedback is the key to progress, and perhaps to sanity if you’re the only whitey in the village.

14 thoughts on “Up and running. Sort of.

  1. Yay… I love your writing style Kim & the name of your blog. So looking forward to hearing all about your experiences. Am off to Chch on Monday and was thinking how nice it would be to catch up with you…but you’re not there… sad. Wonder where we’ll next catch up…Take care out there. KW


    1. Thanks Kate! Don’t get me started thinking about the last time you came up and the yummy food at Lotus Heart … not that the food here is bad, I just have to disguise some of it in my rice. 🙂 I hope you’re well. 🙂


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